John Hydock Elementary School 
(Grades K-2)
19 Locust Avenue
Columbus, NJ, 08022
(609) 298-0308
Fax (609) 298-1341 
Stacy Cullari, Principal
Dori Levy, Anti-Bullying Coordinator
          Cheryl Strickland, JHES Anti-Bullying Specialist
             cstrickland@mansfildschool.com x1251
Mansfield Township
Elementary School
 (Grades Pre-K, 3-6)
200 Mansfield Road East 
Columbus, NJ 08022
 (609) 298-2037  
Fax (609) 298-5812
 Glenn Kershner, Principal
             Dori Levy, Anti-Bullying Coordinator
             dlevy@mansfieldschool.com  x2136 
             Sharon Dixon, Anti-Bullying Specialist
                sdixon@mansfieldschool.com x2221

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October - Sarah
 Congrats, Sarah Wiesenecker, who received a recognition award at the October Board meeting for establishing a Life Skills Room at MTES. 
Oct - JH  
Congrats , Andrew Heil, a student at John Hydock, who received the "Student Spotlight at the 10-19-15 Mansfield Township School District Board of Education Meeting