• As of October 29, 2018, NJ employers were required to begin accruing earned sick leave for any employees who are not receiving sick time under a collective bargaining agreement. This includes all MVP employees and district substitutes. MVP employees and district substitutes accrue one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. Notice of Employee Rights

    To use your earned sick leave, you must:

    • Complete the attached Request for Earned Sick Leave form.
    • MVP employees return the completed form to your MVP Supervisor.
    • District substitutes return the completed form to the Business Administrator.
    • The MVP Supervisor and the Business Administrator will forward the form to the Payroll Clerk for payment.

    District Guidelines for using earned sick leave:

    • For MVP employees, earned sick leave taken must reflect the time that the employee is scheduled to work. Earned sick leave taken may include a full morning shift, a full afternoon shift, or both shifts.
    • For District substitutes, earned sick leave must be taken in full day increments, a full day is 7.25 hours.
    • For any foreseeable reasons (ie: doctor’s appointment), you are required to provide written notice no later than 7 days prior to the absence.
    • Documentation is required for any absences that are 3 or more consecutive days.
    • No more than 40 hours of earned sick leave may be carried over from school year to school year.

     All earned sick leave balances are managed within the Business Office. For questions regarding this policy or to discuss your sick leave balance, please contact Lisa McCoy at extension 2510.