• Using the BEST production of your sound (s) use the following conversation starters for practice!!!!



    March 18th - Ask your parent(s) what kind of car they always dreamed of owning?  What color?  Did they ever own one? 


    March 19th - What is the best season?  Why?


    March 20th - The weekend is coming...which day is better, Saturday or Sunday?  Why?


    March 23rd - You are given the honor of naming a new Superhero...what would the name be?  What special powers would they have?

    March 24th - If you were to write a book about your family, what would it be called?  What important information would be included?


    March 25th - Your book is being made into a movie!!!  Who plays you?  Your parents?  Your siblings?


    March 26th- Do you have a lucky color or number?  What is it?  Has it really given you luck?


    March 27th - Ask your parents about their favorite teacher from Elementary school...why were they the favorite?


    March 30th What do you like most about doing your school work at home?  


    March 31st - What is your favorite meal?  Why?





    Write any OR all of your information and email it to me Splace@mansfieldschool.com  or bring to school!!!!