• As part of the strategy for district communication with stakeholders, I will continue holding Superintendent's Parent Climate discussions during the Summer 2022.  These sessions are designed to open dialogue between my office, the Administrative Team and community members. 

    September 2022-June 2023 are posted below. At times, dates and times might be changed.  If that is the case, a Blackboard message will send an alert.  Registration and submission of topics is also available for each meeting.  

    The intent is to have an open dialogue with community members about issues that are important and on-the-mind of Mansfield residents.  Currently, all meetings will take place virtually.  However, the intent is to have the times strategically planned for great attendance.  All meetings will be taped and posted within 24 hours.  

    I am hopeful that meetings such as these help me build relations with parents and community members and assist me to keep a pulse on the community.

    ~ Tiffany J. Moutis, Superintendent