• Below are question submitted by MTSD parents/guardians.  Due to the early stages of planning our Re-Opening Plan, we are unable to answer all submitted questions so far.  Once details of our Re-Opening Plan become available, additional questions will be answered and posted.

    Thank you for taking the time and submitting your questions and/or concerns.  We appreciate your patience.

    Updated August 10, 2020

    Please take a look at the FAQ from NJDOE.  Click HERE.



    What is the social distance plan for fire drills? Awaiting NJ State Guidance


    If a student who has been at school is identified as having COVID, does the entire class have to be quarantined for 14 days?
    As provided in CDS guidance, if individuals have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, meaning they are within 6 feet of someone for at least ten minutes, they should self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of last exposure before returning to school. In the case of a positive COVID test, local health departments, working in coordination with school districts, will conduct contact tracing to determine whether or not an individual has been in close contact with a student and advise any affected individuals, via trained contact tracers, to self-quarantine for 14 days. The local health department in coordination with the school will assess the specific circumstances of the individual with the positive test to determine those individuals that have been in close contact and need to self-quarantine - this may or may not include all students in the class. 
    Will there be temperatures checked Daily for staff and students? Staff and Students will have temperatures taken daily


    How will kids sit on bus? Masks or no masks? Students will need to wear masks.

    What procedures will be in place on school buses to ensure social distancing? Northern is still developing the full plan for transporting and implementing full health-safety measures.


    How will you manage MVP with social distancing and keeping kids with their same class group? Students will remain in the same group. 

    I am a teacher in another district. If my district has a different schedule and requires me to be in the classroom, I will not be able to pick up my child by the early dismissal time. How will MVP run? I would imagine more parents would need this service with the half day schedule. Will it be capped? If so, how many students? Information will be coming out shortly.

    Where are the MVP kids and BSI/ACT kids going to eat lunch? (assuming not their classroom since teachers will be on their lunch and eating in the room) Most will eat in the classroom but some will eat in the cafeteria.
    MVP plans for social distancing and sanitation. Social distancing will remain consistent with that of the District plans. Cleaning will occur in the MVP childcare areas after each dismissal of that group. Students will remain in the same indoor areas with the same group of children.
    What is the flexibility of the MVP program in case we have to enroll in the middle of fall? Husband is working from home but that can change at any point. If there is space, MVP will gladly accept your child/children.
    MVP.... More details in regarding to times, prices and activities. If there is MVP until late afternoon will the student be allowed to complete specials during that time? Or will the specials have to be completed at home? Specials can be completed during MVP


    How will specials be handled? Specials will be in the afternoon.


    Will 5th graders change classes?  No

    Will all students be in school five days a week or will it be a split schedule between virtual and in class on varied days of the cycle? We are in the beginning stages of our plan.  Right now, we will have students in school five days a week following an early dismissal schedule.  Based upon the data received the plan might need to be revised. 

    If choosing the virtual learning program for my second grader, is the preschool program available for virtual learnings well? If so, would there be a cost? Virtual Learning will be available for PreK-6 students.  

    When will we know what virtual learning will look like? We will have our plan able to be shared no later than July 23. 

    How will a max of 15 students be able to social distance 6 ft away? Our classrooms have the space.  All extra furniture will be removed. Why are students not required to wear face coverings?  NJDOE is requiring students to wear masks when social distancing isn't able to be practiced. 

    For in person instruction, how will teachers be screened for infection prior to work? Teachers will have temperatures taken and complete a statement of assurance to verify they do not have any symptoms prior to entering the building.


    How will ACT and Basic Skill students get home if they are required to stay after school? Will there be a late bus for them? There will not be a late bus. Parents will need to pick up their child.
    How will social/emotional development needs be met/developed with social distancing, particularly for the younger grades who depend on socialization for learning and growing at that stage? Via School Wide Initiatives - Principals, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, Child Study Team, and Support Staff will work together to support school culture and positive behavioral program approach. OLWEUS - MTES, Responsive Classroom Approach - JHES
    Will there be specific teachers assigned to virtual learning only? Or is the classroom teacher doing both face-to-face instruction in school AND virtual instruction for children in his/her class? This decision depends on the number of students in a grade level that opt out.
    How will you accomplish a full day of instruction in half a day? 4 hours counts as full day. Science and SS times are shortened Specials done at home
    Will there be more homework to makeup for less instructional time? No
    What is the point of having half days? If kids are exposed for 3 hours or 6 hours, what is the difference? Utilizing all certificated staff as homeroom teachers. Allows us to continue to offer BSI and ACT in the PM
    Will Kindergarten classrooms have plexiglass dividers and will they be required to wear masks for the entire day? Yes
    Can MTES reopening in person schooling be pushed back 6 weeks or more if necessary and only offer online schooling during the extension? No
    Will subjects start and end times for at home instruction be rigidly timed? How will these time schedules relate to IEP’s or 504s? IEP's will be followed to the greatest extent possible. All education programs in IEP's can be met through current plan. If any student opts out, they will livestream the class during the instructional day.


    Will 5th graders change classes? The teachers will rotate and work in pods.
    Is there virtual lessons for pre-k 4 as well? Pre-K will livestream, if parents choose the virtual format, mirroring the same plan as K-6
    Will the students doing virtual learning receive the same curriculum as on site students? Yes
    What will the non-return to school do for our child? Will he be able to follow the school curriculum and return to school for the second period? Yes
    If we allow our children to return to school and then feel it may have been better to opt out will this be allowed. Yes
    What is you decide that you want to do some days in school and some days at home for Virtual learning or you are uncertain what to do but still have to fill the form out by July 15th. What should you do? You need to choose in person or virtual.


    If we opt out for the first marking period, how will our children be placed into classes upon returning to school?

    Homeroom will livestream to those at home. So when a student returns, he/she will remain in that homeroom
    How do parents go about opting for virtual learning for the upcoming semester? Click link online to opt out.


    Face coverings are mandatory.



    Are the kids going to have recess or lunch? Lunch will be provided for those students participating in MVP and/or staying in the afternoon for supplemental services. 

    With the 12:50 dismissal and no lunchtime, will children be allowed to eat a snack at some point during the school day? Yes



    If things worsen with COVID19 and I decide closer to school reopening to keep him home for schooling will this be possible? Yes, you will be able to have your child participate in virutal learning 

    Even though from the meeting, it was said that parents cannot switch until the end of the semester, will there be any waivers granted for extenuating circumstances or IEP’s or 504’s Will subjects start and end times for at home instruction be rigidly timed? How will these time schedules relate to IEP’s or 504s? IEP's will be followed to the greatest extent possible. All education programs in IEP's can be met through current plan. All students with IEP's will be monitored in regards to progress being made. Programmatic modifications may be considered based upon indvidualized need. If any student opts out, they will livestream the class during the instructional day.
    If we complete the opt out form by July 15, but then decide before school starts that we do want to send our children in to school (or vice versa) will we still have the option to switch or will we be required to wait until the end of the first marking period?
    It’s a tight deadline especially in the absence of specific details on both virtual as well as in class learning. Not enough time to make an informed decision.
    Yes, you can opt out. We encouraged the deadline date to allow proper planning to take place.
    We both work full time and will not have the option of working at home in the fall (State Trooper and Special Education Coach) and having half day for our son is not ideal. 1. What is the difference between a half and full day (he is still being subjected to germs regardless)?? If it’s about cleaning the school, then the janitors may need to work different hours to accommodate. 2. If working parents send their kids to MVP, then they are all together in a smaller environment (still being potentially subjected)?? -Thank you Half day allows us to have all students come to school everyday by utilizing our Basic Skills teachers and other certificated staff as homeroom teachers yet still provide the Basic Skills and ACT in the PM. MVP will follow the same safety protocols and procedures as are in place for the school day.
    If we choose to opt out are we opting out for the whole school year? How long are we opting out for exactly? What is the time frame for virtual learning? We will re-evaluate at the end of the first marking period.



    What will the plan be as far as quarantining if a family member of a classmate tests positive?  We are developing protocols for such a scenario.   

    Will the school let us know if a child or family member contracts COVID-19? We are developing protocols for such a scenario.  

    What is the policy if a student or teacher in a classroom becomes sick with a fever? Is a COVID test required of that individual? Will that person have to quarantine until results are received? Will all others who have been exposed to that person have to quarantine until there are results? If the test is positive, what is the plan? We are waiting on guidance from the Department of Health of the process



    How is tuition for prek being dealt with if parents choose to opt out? We will be discussing a reduction in tuition at an upcoming BOE meeting.  

    Is virtual learning going to also be available for those in prek? Yes