• The Mansfield Township Board of Education will be meeting in person on Monday, June 14, 2021 at 200 Mansfield Road East, Columbus, NJ 08022 at 6:30pm. Meetings will resume in person moving forward unless otherwise noted.

    The public will be able to participate in public comment remotely by placing their comments in the Public Comment Google Form below. The Board will be accepting comments until 12pm the day of the BOE meeting. Comments will only be read aloud if they are received by the appropriate date and time, and they include the name and home address of the sender and adhere to the two minute time limit.

    In-person attendees may voice their comments at the meeting as usual.

    Please note, we do not discuss confidential student matters during the public portion of the meeting and public members seeking a response on such items should email the Superintendent separately. The Board reserves the right to not respond to any particular comment, and do not read aloud comments which are profane, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate under the Board’s bylaws. Please be further advised, that by reading comments during the meeting the Board does not endorse, or intend to endorse, any statements made during the public comment periods and the person submitting such statement is responsible for any statements to be slanderous, defamatory, or in violation of the law.


    Public Comment Google Form