Physical Education is learning through movement.  Our program encourages active participation in a wide variety of activities. Each student will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote a lifelong commitment to physical activity.
       All of our students have Physical Education class twice in the six day cycle of specials.   All classes follow a similar format.  Each class begins with warm-up exercises.  After warm up exercises, Grades Preschool-2 perform various movement skills (jog, gallop, hop, jump, skip, leap...) while students in grades 3-6 will do an aerobic activity such as jogging, aerobic step, jump rope, or dance.  At this point in class, we will learn and practice skills and finish with a game or activity.  Listed below are some of the activities that students will participate in throughout the school year.  
         Mr. Tony Bifulco is the full time P.E. teacher at Mansfield Township Elementary School.  Mr. Ryan Brydzinski is the full time P.E. teacher at John Hydock Elementary School.  We appreciate if all students come prepared for activity on their Physical Education days (i.e. sneakers and comfortable clothing).  If you are unsure what day your child has P.E., please check our link.  Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Physical Education Program and your child, feel free to contact either teacher. Thanks for your support and cooperation.
    JHES - Mr. Ryan Brydzinski   rbrydzinski@mansfieldschool.com   609-298-0308 (ext. 1124)
    Mr. Tony Bifulco    tbifulco@mansfieldschool.com  609-298-2037 (ext. 5128)
       What are we doing in        this year?





    Fitness Activities Soccer Skills & Games
    Low Organizational Games Football Skills & Games
    Parachute Activities Basketball Skills & Games
    Soccer Skills & Lead Up Games Team Hand Ball Skills & Games
    Playground Ball Skills Fitness Activities and Tests
    Scooter Activities Badminton Skills and Games
    Rhythmic Activities Volleyball Skills & Games
    Individual & Long Jump Rope  Tumbling & Stunts
    Tumbling & Animal Walks Individual & Long Jump Rope
    Manipulative Activities Self Challenging Activities
    Basketball Skills & Lead Up Games Lacrosse Skills and Games
    Self Challenging Activities Floor Hockey Skills and Games 
    Striking Activities - Beachball Volleyball skills Wiffle Ball Skills & Games
    Throwing & Catching Skills Mass Games
    Batting Skills Cooperative Games & Activities
    Field Day Activities  Field Day Activities


    K-6 Comprehensive Health and PE Curriculum Board Approved 2018