Welcome to Mrs. Marcantonio's Kindergarten Class!


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    Do Your Best!



    I was very happy to meet you on Friday at our Meet and Greet.  We are going to have a wonderful year.  We are starting our year virtually on Tuesday, September 8.  Log onto your Google classroom using your google address.  Once you are there, you will see a blue banner with the link to join our class live. Please make sure you are on mute. See you there at 8:45!

    Love, Mrs. Marcantonio






    Specials Schedule 
    For the month of September, your specials teacher will join us in our google meet from 9:30-10:00 for your class. 
    You will NOT need to log onto any other site for your special.

    Day 1 -    Gym
    Day 2 -  Art
    Day 3 - Spanish
    Day 4 -  Media Center
    Day 5 -    Music
    Day 6 -     Gym

    We will start our reading lessons next week.  

    Kindergarten Sight Words

     a       has      of     they     all     have     one     this

    and     he     or     to      are       his      play      was

    as     I      said      we     be      is      saw      what   

     by     like     see     with     do    look    she     you 

      for     me      that     little     from    my    the    will 

      go   no     there      now     come    help    off

    down     how    out    find     make    take   good  



    Reading Strategies
    Read a book each night to someone
    or log onto Raz-Kids (coming soon) in order to become a more fluent reader.
    Remember the three ways to read a book:  
    1. Read the words  
    2. Read the pictures  
    3.  Retell the story
    We are learning these strategies to become better readers.  
                               Reading Strategies  


     My Math
    Beginning next week-
    Chapter 1:  Reading and writing 0-5


     Building our classroom community.


    Star Student!
    In kindergarten, the “Everyone’s A Star” program is a chance for every child to shine! The purpose of the program is to get to know and appreciate each other as individuals and to help build self-esteem. I will assign each student a day during the school year to be the classroom star. This will usually be around the time of their birthday if possible. The week before your child is assigned to be the “star” they will make a flipgrip about five (5) things (treasures!) that are important to him/her.  They will also receive a poster to make with you at home.  Have fun with it!  Work together!  Use markers, crayons, pictures, anything you like in order to decorate the poster to represent your star and their family. You will receive the poster back at the end of the week so your pictures will be returned!  The Star will have a chance to share these items with the class during a morning meeting. 

    Practice At Home!
    Get Linked Up At Home!