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    In order to keep all of our friends with nut allergies safe and healthy,

    please do not pack snacks with nuts of any kind.  

    Thank you for helping to make our classroom safe for all  . 

    Specials Schedule 
    Day 1 -     Computers
    Day 2 -  Gym
    Day 3 -  Library & Music
    Day 4 -   Spanish
    Day 5 -     Gym
    Day 6 -     Art

     Kindergarten Sight Words

     a       has      of     they     all     have     one     this

    and     he     or     to      are       his      play      was

    as     I      said      we     be      is      saw      what   

     by     like     see     with     do    look    she     you 

      for     me      that     little     from    my    the    will 

      go   no     there      now     come    help    off

    down     how    out    find     make    take   good  

    Reading Strategies
    Read a book each night to someone.
    Remember the three ways to read a book:  
    1. Read the words  
    2. Read the pictures  
    3.  Retell the story
    We are learning these strategies to become better readers.  
                               Reading Strategies  

    We are beginning by learning how writers write.  


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