• 3rd Grade Rocks
    Third grade is a crucial time in children’s education as they become more independent and mature learners.  Students in third grade progress from practicing basic skills to mastering them and moving on to further develop more complex skills.  They will become more advanced readers, writers, mathematicians, and thinkers.  Third graders will dig deeper into topics and begin to analyze what they learn.  Students will also take on more responsibility for themselves, such as using a planner to write down assignments, completing classwork and homework independently, monitoring their behavior, and making sure they have all of their belongings packed for dismissal. 

    How can parents help their third grader?  Be supportive, but emphasize independent learning.  Help your child set up a quiet place at home to complete assignments.  Emphasize the importance of learning and the personal satisfaction that comes from doing one’s best.

    The third grade teachers look forward to working with students and their families to make this journey an incredible one.
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