•  Public schools have a responsibility to give children in the community the knowledge and skills needed for successful living. 
    • Education and health are interrelated. Physical and mental health problems of students erode both their health status and their educational achievement, limiting their potential. Students' physical and emotional health and well being positively influence academic progress and success. 

    • Many health problems, which are largely preventable, are influenced by specific behaviors and practices established during youth and continuing into adulthood. 

    • Prevention efforts are cost-effective, while the social and economic costs of inaction are intolerable. Failure in school, underachievement, and related health problems have serious repercussions for students, their families, and ultimately the social and economic health of the nation. 

    • Effective schools link the efforts of the student, the family, the school, and the community to consider the whole child, including academic achievement, physical and emotional health, and social adjustment.