• Important Kindergarten Information 


     Dear Parents,

                This letter is intended to help inform you of our kindergarten procedures. We are very excited to have your children in our classes and look forward to helping them achieve their goals.   


    Regular Day:                              8:40 - 3:25 

    Early Dismissal:                        8:40 - 12:55                                  

    Delayed Opening                     10:40- 3:25                            

     Home/School Folder

                Every student has a home/school folder. This folder must go home every day and be returned to school every morning. The left pocket is marked HOME and must be emptied every day at home. It will include notices and completed work. The right pocket marked SCHOOL will have homework and notices that must be completed or signed and returned to school.  

                Please label any envelope you send to school containing money or forms with a purpose and child’s name: (i.e. Joe Smith-snack money) Please place these envelopes along with any letters for the teacher on the SCHOOL side each day.



                Please be sure to label your child’s belongings (coat, book bags, lunch boxes, and all valuables). This will help to recover any lost items.



                Your child will get the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays in school.  Students who have summer birthdays will be included throughout the academic year. If you would like, goodie bags may be sent in to school; however, no food is permitted. Birthday party invitations may be passed out at school as long as the entire class is invited.


    Everyone’s A Star

                In kindergarten, the “Everyone’s A Star” program is a chance for every child to shine! The purpose of the program is to get to know and appreciate each other as individuals and to help build self-esteem. We have assigned each student a week during the school year. This will usually be around the time of their birthday, if possible. The week before your child is assigned to be the “star”, they will bring home a star sack to fill with five (5) things that are important to him/her. There is a letter inside the sack with more detailed information.



                The kindergartners attend all specials throughout a 6- day cycle. Including Physical Education, Music, Technology, Media Center, Art & World Language. For P.E. classes sneakers must be worn. However, we recommend wearing sneakers every day in kindergarten. Please remember to return your child’s library books on their scheduled days. 


    We appreciate your help in making this year a happy and successful one. Please feel free to send us a note or email regarding any questions or concerns you or your child may have. We will handle concerns promptly. With your support and involvement, together we can make a difference to your child. We look forward to this amazing experience. Let’s have a wonderful year!


    The Kindergarten Teachers

    Kindergarten Supply List  


    Your child will need the following supplies to begin the school year.  These items DO NOT need to be labeled (except the pencil box and headphones).  

    • 4-pocket folders without prongs - any color

    • 8 large Elmer's glue sticks

    • 2 boxes of  Crayola 24-pack crayons 

    • 1  4-pack of EXPO dry-erase markers 

    • 1 box of 8 thick Crayola markers

    • 1 box of 8 thin Crayola markers

    • 1 box of  Crayola colored sharpened pencils

    • 1 plastic pencil box - Sterilite - 8 5/8 x 5 3/4 x 2 1/2 - any color (Label with name)

    • Headphones (Label with name)

    • 2 boxes of tissues

    •  1 Wet Ones Wipes 

    • 1 pair child sized scissors

    • Computer mouse (Wireless if possible)

    • Batteries for wireless mouse
    • 1 - 4 pack Play-doh