Mansfield Township School District Goals


    Goal 1:

    Academic: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

    Enhance MTSD through school beautification projects utilizing district-wide resources.  


    Year 1: JHES Courtyard turtle habitat  

    Year 1-2: MTES column beautification 

    Year 1-3: Create an outdoor classroom for each building 

    Ongoing: Graduating 2nd and 6th grade classes design ceiling tiles 


    Goal 2: 


    Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum, and aligned assessments


    • Pre-K:  Prepare pre-school children for success in elementary school by providing age-appropriate curriculum and instruction that nurture and develop children’s academic, social, emotional and physical well-being.  
    •      75% of our current General Education enrollment will be proficient on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in June 2022.


    • ELA and Math Instruction:  Prepare students for continued success in English Language Arts and Mathematics by providing high quality instruction geared to student needs including appropriate modifications and accommodations.
    •      Through surveying staff and analyzing data, communication will be enhanced between 2nd and 3rd grade to bridge the achievement gap between JHES and MTES in content areas of ELA and Math.  Discussion will be led by administration with input from staff twice a year.


    • Evaluation and Assessment:  Use data from multiple measures to monitor student progress, guide instruction and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs, and share this information with the staff, the Board and the community.
    •      Through collaborative planning and professional development twice a year, staff will analyze and reflect on formal and informal data to identify targeted areas for intervention and acceleration across content areas. 



    Goal 3:


    Mansfield Township School District will remain fiscally responsible and target all growth opportunities to enhance instruction and facilities within budget building and outside. 

        Mansfield Township Schools will maintain a balanced budget while supporting academic excellence and falling within the state mandated tax levy increase.

    •       Evaluate different alternatives for revenue resources; grants, tuition, etc.
    •      Ensure all expenditures are related to promoting student achievement and facility enhancement
    •      Continue to engage with neighboring school districts to pursue shared service opportunities
    •      Communicate and present all budget details with the Fiscal Committee and the MTSD Board of Education

        A stronger relationship will be developed  between the District and Community Finance Committees. 

    •      The Mansfield Township School District Business Administrator will attend Mansfield Township community meetings
    •      Regular communication will be had between both parties



    Goal 4:


    We will preserve the efficiency of our facilities while maintaining fiscal responsibility.   

    • Energy Efficiency 
    •        Continue lighting upgrades in the MTES hallways.
    •      Complete the HVAC controls upgrades at JHES.
    • Security 
    •        Additional strobes, cameras and speakers at both MTES and JHES.
    •      Security Film at MTES Media Center and Main Office
    •      Dedicated signal server for JHES 
    •      Convert fire alarm dialer to cellular


    Goal 5: 

    Family/Community Engagement:  

    Establish partnerships with our families and community to increase academic success for all students. (Survey once a year.)

    • Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with all stakeholders to strengthen support for the Mansfield  Township School District.
    •        Utilize the Key Communicator Groups to involve parents and community members in schools and education.
    •      Continue with electronic communication tools to provide information for all stakeholders.
    •      Build and maintain partnerships with business and community leaders.
    •      Develop and sustain relationships with local emergency management officials.


    • Increase awareness of the excellent education and innovative programs offered at Mansfield Township School District.
    •        Generate news media publicity for unique, innovative, and newsworthy programs and events.
    •      Maintain positive relationships with members of the local news media and utilize contacts to publicize special events/program.
    •      Continue to promote MTSD programs and events through the district’s social media to maximize awareness and support for the district.


    • Enhance the image of Mansfield Township School District.
    •        Utilize consistent polished look on the MTSD website 
    •      Continue to produce newsletters and publications that address the needs, wants and questions of all audiences.
    •      Utilize media contacts to present a positive image to the local public.
    •      Provide parental workshops that focus on student needs and education.