Mansfield Township School District

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Abuissa, Aseel, MTES Instructional Aide, 
Addiego, Debra,JHES Instructional Aide,
Amarescu, Cathy, MTES Instructional Aide,
Averack, Ashley, MTES Instructional Aide, 

Bassett. Barry, JHES Facilities and Maintenance,
Benedetti, Bruce for Joyce Goode, Business Administrator/Board Secretary, 
Bezila, Dayna, JHES Speech Therapist,
Bifulco, Tony, MTES Physical Education Teacher and MVP Coordinator for MTES, 
Bill-Smith, Telma, JHES/MTES Instructional Aide,
Bradley, Dawn for Amy Weinstein, 
Brown, Shannon, 3rd Grade Teacher, (see Amanda Lutz as of 9/29/16)
Brophy. Stacy, 4th Grade Teacher, 
Bressler, Karen, MTES LLI,
Bryant, Lauren, JHES Instructional Aide.
Bryzdinski, Ryan, JHES Special Education Aide, 
Buckley, Diane, Confidential Secretary to the Business Administrator & Facilities  Manager,

Cannizzo, Eines, District Technology Aide,
Casey, Erin for Robert Zimmer, 5th Grade Teacher, 
Cotton, Denise, Facilities and Maintenance, 
Cullari, Stacy, Principal JHES,

D'Amico, Diane, 6th Grade Teacher,
Davis, Terri, MTES Instructional Aide,
Davis-Scholle, Tara, for Kristina Papero until December
DeBrizzi, 6th Grade Teacher,
Dierkhising, Jill, MTES Instructional Aide, 
DiPietro, Cindy, JHES Office Assistant,
Dixon. Sharon. District School Psychologist, MTES Anti-Bullying Specialist 
Dolci, Lisa, 6th Grade Teacher,
Doherthy, Megan, JHES Instructional Aide, 
Dunn, Bonnie, JHES Physical Education Teacher, 


Evoy, Alex, JHES Instructional Aide, 


Farmer. Jenna. MTES General Education
Feeley, Shannon, Kindergarten/MD Teacher,
Fehn, Katelyn,1st Grade Teacher, 
Flasser, Christine, JHES School Nurse,
Foster, Anita, JHES Cafeteria,
Fragale, Frank  (Interim) for  Dori Levy, Supervisor of Student Services/District Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator, 


Gallagher, Megan, Kindergarten Teacher, 
Gaspari, Nicole, 6th Grade Teacher,

Giampietro, Donna, MTES Secretary/District Public Relations Officer,
Goode, Joyce A.,  see Bruce Benedetti, Business Administrator/Board Secretary,
Grieco, Lisa, 3rd Grade Inclusion / Resource Teacher,
Grosse, Meghan, 1st Grade Teacher, 


 Ilconich, Jenna, District Art Teacher,


Haney, Janet, District Custodian,
Hart, Debra, 1st Grade Teacher,
Harris, Rene', District Technologist,
Hellhake, Kevin, Facilities and Maintenance,
Hendershot, Jill, 5th Grade Teacher, 
Hensch, Shelby, MTES Instructional Aide,

Hope, Bonnie, 5th Grade Inclusion Teacher, 




James, Amanda, JHES LLI., 
Johnson, Delee,  MTES Instructional Aide, 


Katz, Julie, DistrictSchool Counselor and MTES Anti-Bullying Specialist, 
Kay, Tabitha, JHES Cafeteria Staff,
Kendra, Kim, MTES Instructional Aide, 
Kennedy, Marla, JHES Occupational Therapist, 
Kershner, Glenn, MTES Principal,
Knaak, Fred, District Facilities Manager,
Konopada, Maureen, 3rd Grade Teacher,  


LaMaine, Christine, District Payroll/Human Resources,
Lawrence, Carol, CST Secretary,
Lemanski, Jennifer, JHES Special Education Aide, 

Levy, Dori, District Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant and Truancy Officer, 
Light, Paula, MTES Basic Skills Math Teacher , 
Logan, Ashley, 6th Grade Inclusion Teacher,
Lutz, Amanda, 3rd Grade Teacher for Mrs.Brown, 
Lovenduski, Holly, 3rd Grade Teacher for Carrie Peck  beginning 1/17/2017, 




Macauley, Carolyn, 4th Grade Inclusion / Resource Teacher.
Mack, Diane, JHES Aide, 
Maiorano, Stephanie, Preschool Teacher,
MacDougall, Stacy, JHES Special Education Aide, 
Manion, Carol, MTES Music Education,
Marcantonio, Rhonda, Kindergarten Teacher,
Marcinkowski, Jessica, JHES Music
Mastowski, Cheryl, 2nd Grade Teacher,
McGillen, Patricia, 3nd Grade Teacher,
Miele, Carolyn, 5th Grade Teacher,
Mintzer, Lauren, JHES Instructional Aide,

Moore, Barbara, Kindergarten Teacher,

Morolda, Danielle, MTES Office Clerk, 
Moutis, Tiffany J., District Superintendent, 
Morris, Andie, District Physical Therapist,
Myers, Leanne, 5th Grade Teacher,


Nelson, Danny, JHES Facilities and Maintenance, 
Noel, Cheryl, MTES Facilities and Maintenance,
Noshen, Rana, MTES Instructional Aide,
Novak, Mike, JHES Facilities and Maintenance.
Nutbrown, Sandra, MTES Speech Pathologist,



Omiatek, Karen, 5th Grade Teacher, 


Paccillo, Rosalie, MTES Facilities and Maintenance,
Peck, Carrie, 3rd Grade Teacher, until 1/20 2017 the see Holly Lovensuski,
Papero, Kristina, 2nd Grade Teacher (see Tara Davis-Scholle until 12/15),
Parzyck,Kimberly, Director of Food Services, 
Patton, Kristine, JHES Secretary,
Perro, Kristine, 2nd Grade Teacher / MVP Coordinator for JHES, 
Pettit, Donna, JHES Instructional Aide,

Pigott, Beth, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent / Transportation Coordinator,

Porrini, Grace, MTES School Nurse, gporrini@mansfieldschool.c 
Price, Kyra, JHES Instructional Aide and MVP Group Leader,


Quinn, Kim, JHES Assistant Cafeteria Manager, 


Regi, Allan, District Facilities and Maintenance,
Ricciani, JoAnn, MVP Nurse, 
Ripish, Michele, CST Secretary,
Rodriguez, Michelle, District World Language & ESL,
Rolston, Brookes, District Librarian/Title I Coordinator,
Rose, Kristie, MTES Instructional Aide,
Rowan, Gail, 5th Grade Inclusion Teacher,

Sager, Nancy, Inclusion Grade 2,
Scussa, Keira. Director of Curriculum and Instruction,
Schwartzberg, Tracy, MTES Preschool 3 and 4 year old Program ,
Seeranchee, Jaigobin, MTES Cafeteria Assistant,
Shaheen, Nuzhat, MTES Instructional Side,
Shapiro, Judy, 6th Grade Teacher, 
Szymanski,Jamie, MTES & JHES,A.C.T, and Computers,

Shiarappa, Lisa, JHES Instructional Aide,

Spieler, Kristen,1st Grade Teacher, 

Stinglen, Helen Kristie, Lunch/Recess Aide,
Strickland, Cheryl. District Social Worker, JHES Anti-Bullying Specialist,
Stinson, Robert, 3rd Grade Inclusion Teacher, 
Stout, Trenna, M.T.E.S. LLI,
Strusz Janet, JHES LLI,
Szeker, Elise, MTES Instructional Aide, MVP Coordinator,


Tahsin, Susann, District Supervisor of Special Education and Anti-Bullying Coordinator, 
Tellefsen, Kelley, 4th Grade Teacher, 
Thomas, Teresa, JHES Instructional Aide,
Thorpe, Karlee, MTES Instructional Aide, 
Towhey, Patricia, 2nd Grade Teacher, 
Traino, Peg, 4th Grade Teacher,





Valeriano, Kathy, 2nd Grade Inclusion,

Van Sciver, Karen, District Occupational Therapist, 

Vigorito, Amy, MTES Instructional Aide,



Wiesenecker, Sarah L., 6th Grade Inclusion Teacher,
Weinstein, Amy, Kindergarten Inclusion Teacher, (see Dawn Bradley)
Welch, Amy, District OT. 
Wemple, Christine, 4th Grade Inclusion Teacher,
Whetstone, Ron, MTES Facilities and Maintenance,  
Winters, Jessica, 4th Grade Teacher,
Wolverton, Daniel, Facilities and Maintenance, 
Woolston, Steve, MTES Facilities and Maintenance,



Yockey, Denise,  JHES Enrichment, MTES A.C.T. and Science,

Zimmer, Robert, see Erin Casey, 5th Grade Teacher,